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heatherface in mooswap

Anyone still around? ;)

Name: Heather
Email: heatherface@gmail.com
Willing to swap 50 cards, all 50 are identical.

The photo is this one, my ex took it of me a couple years ago for a school project. The back of the MOO has my phone number, so I'm not going to post that photo here even though I took one. The back has my name, phone number, MySpace, YouTube, email, and the icon I'm currently using. They're mini business cards for me to hand out at work when co-workers or customers want to swap numbers or MySpace URLs or something, it happens often enough that I wanted some cards made up, but not often enough that I feel I need all 100 cards. I don't expect I'll trade off 50 either, of course, but it's a number. :)


I'd love to trade. Mine are all here if you'd like to choose one :)
Ooo, so many awesome ones to choose from! I dig nature. Is #24 of lot 3 taken?
Sorry I don't have any of #24 left. Is there anything else you like?
#18 of the same set?
Emailed :)
I'd love to trade too :)
I'm not quite sure what I have left to trade since I haven't looked in a month or two..if you want I can take a picture though :P
oh and p.s. your icon rules :D Rugrats FTW!
I don't need a photo, what sort of image(s)?

they're like that..i'm not sure which ones i have left though :P
Neat! I'll take whichever.
alright :D my email is Saphira0823@aol.com
Just out of curiousity, what was on the sign you were holding?
That's the point of the photo. ;) In actuality, it wasn't even a sign, it was a blank plank of wood we'd found at the side of a road. I had to hold it over my head for so long that I couldn't lift my arms at all for the next three days, that's how heavy it'd been, but the photos were awesome so that's what counts, haha.
Neat! Can I get that closeup of the Burning Man dude? The one next to the chick with the parasol sorta in the center.
Sure thing.

Just drop me an email at jareyn@hotmail.com with your address.
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