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Name: Alana
Email: *note the Q*
Willing to swap plenty of cards.
Description: They're all of random photographs I took, some from Italy, some from high school photography club, some from my assignments/homework, some fun.

2nd set with 1st set Moos



I would like to trade for the one of the old man sitting. It's towards the bottom right corner next to the dancer stretching.

My Moos are here:

If you would like to trade with me, please email me at: tatterededge at shaw dot ca for my mailing addy.
Sure! I like the little girl with a dunce type of hat in middle of your Moos!

Look out for your email, it's coming soon!
Can I get the closeup of the horse nose? That one makes me giggle. Here's my post, the cards are all the same.
Here's a link to my photograph for horse nose.

Email me your address if you want to swap! And I'll email you my address as well.
x_x Did I ever email my address to you? I have too many messages saved in my inbox to be able to remember who I replied to. Whoops.
Lol, nope you never emailed me!
Hey Alana, thanks for the card-love it!!
Check this out:

Thanks! I got your gorgeous card yesterday!
You're welcome! I am glad my card arrived safe and sound.
I'd love to swap some Moos if you're still trading. Mine are here if you'd like to choose some.. I'm happy to receive some random ones you pick out :)
Sure! I really like number 12 of the guitarist. And gotta have a sunset, #11. :) I'll send you the random moos once you reply to my flickrmail with your address!
Awesome, I've flickred you ;)
I would Love the broken window and the rose if you have any left.

Mine are here
Woosang's Moo entry
They're both gone. :(
ah well :) I will have to be quicker :D
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