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woosang in mooswap

Hope this is OK to post here - If not please delete

But to all Mini moo cards owners
These are lovely and very cheap!
I saw these wallets on flickr and they seem to be for all your moo carrying needs.
Stichandshoot store Only $10us and she only charges $3us for postage to australia. I got a Kitty one.
I have no affiliation with the maker, I just saw a cool product.

Pictures found at Clare Howson's flickr


Those are pretty cool. I don't know about paying $10 for one, but I'll consider it.

I made up some MOO cards as "Here's my number" cards at my job, between running into old friends, making new ones, or meeting hot guys (lol), it's been convenient. I have them in a lipstick case, it holds a good amount of cards and it's nice and durable to keep inside my apron! The only downside is the inside of the case is fake velvet and the fuzz is all over my cards, haha.
Oo fuzzy cards :D LOL

The lipstick case is a great idea too. There was a template to creat a little paper case but I have long since lost it :(
I'd been eyeballing a mini card case, but it was kinda flimsy. The lipstick case was purchased on a whim and turned out to be the perfect size! I love hearing "There's no way your card fits in that HOLY CRAP THESE ARE ADORABLE."
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