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HL Sarah reading

noveltea in mooswap

New Moos!

Name: Stefanie
Email: stefanie.galvin AT gmail DOT com
Willing to swap 10 cards.
Description: These are all photos from my trip overseas (to the United States) last year. These is only ONE of each moo card - so first in best dressed. Please link to your own moo cards so we can swap!

All the moos have found their way to a new home!


I would love #2

those are mine if you like - my email is techierain@yahoo.com
If you still have one of number 5, I'd love to swap for that. (Otherwise feel free to pick one and surprise me!) I recieved your email and I'll have a reply for you asap!
Would you like to trade with me again? If so, I like no. 1!


Here are my moo!
Of course! If you still have one of no. 7 (the bean plant), I'd love to swap for that one! I think I still have your address in my inbox (i'll email you if I don't!) Thanks hon!
I do! (Both have your addy and the Moo-bean!)

I will send your's out tomorrow and keep an eye out for any request from you :)
No worries! If you still have one of the Man on the Moon (Fleur de Lis Fore!Kids), I'd love to swap! Send me an email with your addy (stefanie.galvin@gmail.com) and I'll send the Wrigley Field card out to you!
email sent!
I really like #6. Is it still available? Mine are here. Let me know the Letter and number of the one you want. My email is shinycrazy@yahoo.com . Thanks!
Hi there. Unfortunately #6 isn't available. However, I have more cards up here - if you move your mouse across each card it will tell you whether it's available or not. Feel free to pick something from there! If you have one of B3 available, I'd love to swap for that if you find something in my other cards!
I like the little mermaid card from your disney trip. I do have B3 available. What email do you want to use, so I can get your address and send you mine. Thanks for swapping!
No worries. My email address is stefanie.galvin@gmal.com
Moo Swap

August 2008

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